AirTime is a Young Enterprise Scheme company founded on the principles of prioritising sustainability and encouraging environmentalism without compromise. After careful consideration and research, we discovered a gap in the market for car air fresheners which were good for both people and the planet, and didn’t compromise aesthetic appeal or price. 

Wanting to bridge this gap between sustainability and compromise, we set out to create our AirTime Bloom - 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and zero waste. This is our commitment to making sustainable products more accessible and encouraging consumerism to be good for the planet. 

We endeavour to make sustainability the standard, not the exception, and show people that being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be complicated. So, we're reimagining air fresheners like never before. 

AirTime is founded and led by four year 13 high school students, Chiara Thorburn, Liam Bartlett, Thomas Bramwell and Santhuri Naicker - with the aim of creating a long-lasting, aesthetically appealing car freshener that doesn’t cost the Earth.  


We believe in keeping things simple and encouraging the sustainable switch - and would love for you to join us.

If you are seeking to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly in your day to day life, but don’t want compromise in order to achieve this, then the AirTime bloom is for you. 

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