Considering the uniqueness of our product, people have their fair share of questions. Below are some that we've been commonly asked. 

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How long does the scent last?

If kept in your car correctly, the AirTime Bloom should last you as long as 7 weeks. 

What is it made out of?

The body of the Bloom is made out of a paper and seed mixture. The cord is made from hemp, and the ink that is printed onto the air freshener is done with sustainable ink jet printing. Even our packaging is made from a plant-based "plastic" that biodegrades too!

Is everything in it biodegradable?
Absolutely! Even the cord, the packaging, the ink, and the glue that bonds it. 

What's the whole growing flowers thing about?

Our freshener's (unlike others), have a renewable life cycle. Meaning that once they're done being fresheners, they have another purpose. The AirTime Bloom is crafted with special paper imbedded with wildflower seeds. By planting it, you can grow your very own wildflowers.

So how do I plant it?

Check out our growing instructions here!

If you don't want to plant it, you can also pop it in your compost bin at home to biodegrade, or alternatively throw it out in your bin at home. Either way, no trace will be left of your freshener!

If your product is non toxic, does that mean other ones are toxic?

Unfortunately, many other car air fresheners you commonly see in the market are full of harmful chemicals and ingredients which have been studied to have a number of harmful side effects to humans, and pets! We're not about naming and shaming, but you might just have one!

What changes the scent strength?

Air flow in the car, open windows, amount of people, temperature, time spent in the car all have an effect on the scent. It will be at its strongest after sitting in the car overnight.

What are the black dots on my freshener?

Those are the seeds! That's how the freshener can grow into flowers after use!