We ship a growing instructions card with every order, however you can find some more detailed instructions here.

1. Make sure you soak the freshener in water overnight, please be aware that this process may liquify the ink from the product, colouring the water, and potentially skin. Use gloves, and make sure to wash anything it goes into!

2. Bury the Bloom under around 1 inch of soil, and cover it up.

3. As it is a plant, ensure that it gets enough sun and water to germinate. This may happen by itself, but chances of germination will decrease significantly.

  • There is no need to take off the string, it will biodegrade too!
  • In addition, you can also put the packing into the compost or soil, it will also leave 0 waste.
  • We can not guarantee the Bloom will turn into flowers. Following the instructions will help, but only 75% of the time will it germinate.